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Brief Info about is a lender-matching service designed for people who have limited credit or a poor credit history. We have been able to secure ptl for the majority of our users since we first started doing business, regardless of their credit or payment histories.

Unsecured Loans for All Credit Types

These days, everything just costs more. From the price of food to filling up your gas tank, it isn’t surprising that there are millions of people who have trouble just making ends meet. This is not only financially straining, but it’s also very stressful. If you are losing sleep over money issues or if you have a bill that you just can’t pay on your own, we can help you find it. There are multiple loan types from which to choose and you won’t have to wait days on end to access the funds. You will know whether or not you have been approved for unsecured loans within minutes and you will usually get your money in one day.

Short Term Loans and Installment Loans

We make both short term loans and installment loans available to consumers regardless of their credit histories. Short term loans are generally designed to be repaid with your next paycheck and have terms of around two weeks in length. However, some lenders can also provide installment loans, and these can be repaid over a period of a few paychecks. This provides more flexibility if you cannot repay everything all at once. You should examine things such as the amount you need to borrow and how long it will take you to repay it in order to determine which loan type will work the best for you, and you will need to specify this when applying for your loan.

Credit is Not a Consideration

Since our lenders understand that there are many things that can lead to bad credit—divorce, losing a job, a long term illness and more—they also understand that your credit history is not always a reflection of your ability or even your intention to repay a loan. Our lenders specialize in providing unsecured loans to people with all kinds of credit, and there usually aren’t even any credit checks as part of the approval process. In fact, more than 92% of the people who apply for these loans are ultimately approved and you can get $100 to $1000 with relative ease.

Not Long Term Solutions

When you apply for a short term loan, it is important to note that these loans are not long-term solutions for serious credit issues. They are only meant to be used in crises that are expected to resolve themselves over a relatively short period of time. When you borrow more than you need or borrow for non-emergencies, you are only increasing the possibility that you will be unable to repay your loan and add to your credit problems. We recommend that you speak with a professional financial or credit counselor if you are experiencing a long-term debt problem. These individuals can help you examine your situation and get back on track when it comes to your credit—and your debt.

It is our goal to make unsecured loans available to everyone, regardless of their credit. We have provided plenty of information throughout this site to make getting short term loans easier for you. If you have questions, we are always standing by to provide you with the answers. Thank you for choosing!

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"When my furnace went out last winter, we didn’t know what to do. I had only about $20 in my bank account and my next check was weeks away. Fortunately, came through in just one day and I was able to repay my loan when I got my next check."
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"I missed a few days of work and I couldn’t pay my electricity bill when I got my paycheck. helped me find $200 to get my bills paid and even gave me two weeks to pay it back! I was so happy—and so were my kids!"